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So it’s not a cot then?

Hey fellow Alchemists, check out this cool site I “stumbled upon”.

(See what I did there?)

Bloody cool stuff!

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Social Media

I love it how social media has us all buzzing and clamouring to see who’s doing what and where and what they’re wearing etc. etc. etc. I think it’s a great tool and all to let the world know whats going on… I just hate that the world cares so much.

So much so, that it makes on think: Doesn’t being into all of that stuff make us less social, “asocial” if we’re getting technical. Or even if oh… this is not the place to ramble on about philosophy.

Anyways as I said, yep social medias an awesome tool. But I promise I won’t use my Twitter and Facebook (etc. etc.) accounts for evil (see: “My what a long pee that was!” – Any random user) and I will only announce awesome shit up on them.

So yeah we’re atweet down at Alchemy Tee’s, and we lurve being followed.


come let’s cook up a batch of pure t-shirty gold.

This is a site dedicated to helping my boys over at Alchemy Tees get the word out about their goings on. I’ll keep you filled in as they go, I can be your guide to all the¬†shenanigans, the high jinks, the long days and nights of pure teeth gritting, pencil chewing, coffee consuming and best of all the wall watching that ensues to produce a clean and steamy t-shirt that carries the Alchemy name. So keep an eye here as I’m absolutely, positively, unquestionably (I want to squeeze the word irrefutably in somewhere… just did sweet!) sure that there will be something you would love. This is where it all started people. I am the alchemist. This is alchemy.

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